Item No. : CT-400

Product : Curved Treadmill

Product Feature :

1.  Stepless speed change can be easily controlled.

2. Safe movement without electricity , It is soundless and will not disturb others.

3. Steel handrail and stable structure .

4. Compact package and can be foldable , it can save space for user.

5. Free maintenance and long service life

6.  Eco-environment

7. It can combine with the style of furniture perfectly .

8. Be comparing with the traditional electric running machine, User can switch freely between aerobic exercise and strength training.

9. It can suit for users of all age.

10. Crawler type curve running platform, it can improve the comfort of knees and a long time of training can correct the running posture.

Product Data :

Length: 1470mm / Width: 800mm / Height: 1550mm / Machine Weight: 98kg / Max Load: 250kg

Muscles :