Item No. : LDH-990

Product : Rope Trainer

Product Feature :

1. Space-saving , colors can be customized , it can be used  in personal studio or family .

2.Patented magnetic dual cable cross multi sation.

3. New design and fashion appearance , it is suitable for home exercise.

4.In stead of the traditional weight stack design, It is the first domestic company to adopt Electromagnetic resistance on the multi sation.

5. Humanization design , The adjustment of weight is on the handle with bluetooth technology.

6. Different kinds of exercise methods .

7. Whole body core muscle group exercises

8. Luxury appearance ,High- tech , high- end and elegant .

9. Energy-saving and environment friendly .

10. Safe and reliable , Easy to use and noiseless

Product Data :

Length: 1536mm / Width: 1056mm / Height: 1900mm / Machine Weight: 170kg /

Muscles :